Love your neighbor.

Giving Tuesday!


NeighborLink exists to connect neighbors in need with the time, talents and resources of neighbors ready to help. This year alone we have facilitated over 1,300 practical expressions neighbors loving their neighbors in need and this year for #GivingTuesday we invite you to pledge a monthly contribution.

What would it look like for you to give your time once a month to rake leaves or shovel snow?

Sign Up to Volunteer Here!

What would it look like for you to skip your morning coffee once a month to chip in on a wheelchair ramp or to replace a furnace?

Register to Make a Monthly Donation Here! ( Simply hit the make a donation button and there is a checkbox to make it monthly)

We believe that "Small Things Change Neighborhoods" because when we do the small things, over time it changes us.

Now Hiring: Office and Project Manager


NeighborLink has a vision to leverage technology to see the local Church of Fort Wayne be the hands and feet of Jesus through serving our city’s vulnerable homeowners, who are our neighbors. Thousands of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and people facing life’s circumstances are struggling with home maintenance and repairs who cannot physically or financially perform those tasks. It’s our desire to see the collective efforts of local churches, business, civic groups, and concerned neighbors facilitate neighborhood development through their acts of compassion and service. 

This role exists to strengthen the day-to-day operations through the effective management and execution of office and program related projects.  As we prepare for the next phase of organizational growth, this role is vital to ensuring the mission of NL is executed in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Project Management & Implementation 

Partner with existing NL leadership team members to assist in the execution of various projects related to their work. Projects could include but are not limited to: writing, distributing or managing communications projects; communicating with volunteers or donors; event planning; generating reports related to key operational metrics; and/or representing NL at community oriented events. 

Critical Tasks:

  • Be able to take ownership of various small to medium scale projects and move them towards completion with the help of the rest of the NL team.  
  • Keep leadership staff informed, equipped, and focused on key initiatives by removing their barriers through effective project management. 

Office Management 

Be the first point of contact for all day-to-day office related questioning and problem solving needs for staff. Take ownership of office related tasks such as managing Team NeighborLink & office inventory, contacting vendors, planning office related activities, and diving into technology related issues such as email or computer problems. 

Critical Tasks:

  • Take ownership of removing the barriers between our staff and the work they need to do by acquiring needed supplies, solving office equipment needs, and being available to answer the day-to-day questions that come up through accumulated skills or effective problem solving. 
  • Take ongoing challenges related to our key initiatives and identify potential solutions that our team can evaluate as we look to make changes by calling vendors, doing online research, and learning about new methodology related to the issue. 
  • Assist the ED in maintaining the relationships with existing NL Network members and be the first point of contact for any technology, document, or project management needs. 
  • Assist the ED in all web-related project management projects by collecting issues and reporting them to the current web developer. 

Internal Relationship Engagement 

Partner with the ED on the internal relationship engagement and development needs of the NL team to ensure a healthy workplace that encourages personal, professional, and spiritual growth. 

Critical Tasks:

  • Be the first point of contact for any HR or relationship related issues to assess needs, mitigate non-critical issues, and direct course of action towards solution. 
  • Lead internal staff engagement activities that build healthy culture and acknowledge staff-related contributions. Ensure we’re supporting each other well relationally. 
  • Partner with ED on staff development initiatives.


You are able to faithfully align with and be able to implement our organization’s mission of “Practical Neighbor-to-Neighbor Expressions of God’s love.”  

You are self-motivated to stay busy, solve problems, and accomplish your goals in a highly decentralized and independent environment. You love to get things done. You will be driven by your desire to do your work at the highest level, be responsible to your team, and to represent yourself and the organization well. 

You have the desire and flexibility to create a work/life integration that gives you space to always be representing NeighborLink. You have a schedule and availability that allows you to make time for NL work at night, on weekends, or whenever the opportunity presents itself to fulfill the job time requirements. In return, you have autonomy and an equal amount of flexibility in the role. 

You see things in the order they should be in, welcome input, embrace change, and can clearly communicate your ideas with those around you. You have the desire to support others by solving problems that help them stay focused on their priorities. You like to interact and build relationships with people from a diverse range of socioeconomic statuses and have interest in relational connections. You are kind, inclusive, and believe that everyone has something to offer. 

You have efficiency working with web-based, form driven and word processing kind of applications, Apple software products, and be able to know when to pick up the phone and make a phone call. 


You’re Reliable, Flexible, & Accountable

If you say you’re going to do something, you mean it or you work hard to find a solution if you can’t. You will have several different projects and staff members relying on you to do what you’ve promised you can do. You like to take ownership of projects and see them through. You take ownership when you’re wrong and make sure to do what’s possible to make it right. 

You’re Able to Bring The Team Together

NeighborLink is a flat organization and each staff person is responsible for their specific set of goals. You’ll need to be able to understand the vision, see all the parts of the organization, be aware of what’s next, and then help connect and empower the team to work together. You’ll have the flexibility you need to accomplish your job responsibilities and lead your team.

You Are an Implementer 

One of the most important skills the successful candidate brings to NL is the ability and desire to get things done. You thrive on knocking things off your checklist and are always looking for ways to fill it back up again. You have a plan, stay organized, and desire to keep things moving forward. 

You’re a Problem Solver

You thrive on solving problems that come at you. There is no rule book or how-to guide to many of the challenges we see at NL. Having the curiosity and mentality to exhaust your resources and network to search for solutions is vital for you and the rest of us to succeed. 

You Want to Be A Better You 

You acknowledge that there is always self-work to be done and are committed to your personal, profession, and spiritual journey. You bring humility and a desire to find purpose in your work while helping others find purpose in theirs.

Responsible to: Executive Director

General Details: Full-Time Position (40+ hours week)  //  3-5 Years of Experience Required  


Please email your cover letter & resume to

For more information on NeighborLink Fort Wayne, visit,

NeighborLink Fort Wayne is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer

Office & Project Manager Role.pdf

Bernie on a Journey - Part 20 - November 29, 2019


When I was growing up, one of my neighbors was a middle-aged, single man who had experienced a tragic accident as a young person, and I don't know how it started, but one day he came over to drop off walnuts and request I bake him some banana bread. So I did, and it started a pattern of setting aside a loaf for him every time I made bread. But as I got older, I started baking less and I moved away from home, thus I stopped bringing bread to him. When I traveled home recently, he was out walking his dog and he waved at me, but didn't see me wave back. So when we met in the neighborhood later and I greeted him, he was surprised, thinking that I had intentionally him before. In that moment I made it a point to wish him happy thanksgiving, and I resolved to make him banana bread with walnuts that night.  

I tell you this story, not to make a statement about my own 'good works' but to illustrate a point: natural processes of life disconnect us, unless we recognize it and intentionally choose to stay connected.  

Because connection matters. Connection builds healthy communities ( It also makes an impact on how people feel in their communities. It matters to me that I know people in the community where I live. I have people to ask for help and people who know that I am there for them. This creates an informal social net keeping people from facing life and crises alone.  

Working with NeighborLink, I have started to see how simple it is to connect with people and how that connection brings hope. Some projects don't ever get done, but that doesn't mean we stop posting them. We don't exclude anyone, and although we cannot promise that their project will be completed, we are still willing to take their phone calls and listen to their stories. Even that small act of listening and posting a project gives people a sense of dignity and being connected. It is these little connections that make communities of resilience and strength. And it is in the absence of these little connections that communities break down and people start feeling ignored and disposable.   

While the small connection of being heard makes a large impact on those in need, the impact from a completed project is exponentially larger. When neighbors come through and a need is met, it is a point of boundless gratitude. Being taken care of by a stranger is powerful and can even restore a sense of faith in the goodness of humanity. It doesn't have to be any grand gesture. Just showing up and helping someone out with a leaf raking or snow shoveling project can make someone feel connected to a community that cares for them. This is why I hope people take our Giving Tuesday pledge and choose to serve 12 times next year. Each time a project is done, people know that they are valued, heard, and cared for.  

When a grant comes in, or a fundraiser meets its goal, it isn't really about the money. It's about the 'yes' we can now say to people in need when they ask for help. Please keep us in mind on Giving Tuesday, but more importantly, please look for those people on the margins of your life and try to reconnect. I also want to share one of my family's Thanksgiving traditions with you! Every year at Thanksgiving dinner, we take notecards and write what we are grateful for and share it with each other. This allows us to celebrate the blessings we have received individually and collectively over the past year.  I hope you all give gratitude lists a try and had a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!