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Be A Good Neighbor Week Recap


To serve is to disrupt.

To disrupt the broken things we see that stay broken because its no ones to own. To disrupt the disconnection between what neighbors see and don't see. To disrupt ways of thinking that keep us from seeing another, potentially better way.

To disrupt ourselves. To disrupt the way we spend our time, the way to connect to others, the places and things we put our value in. Frankly, we need to choose to disrupt ourselves, not wait for things to disrupt us. By disrupting ourselves, we get prepared for those times when life disrupts us.

This kind of disruption leads us to deep, meaningful, and diverse relationships that provide more life-giving benefits than anything else we could invest our time into.

This is why we created Be A Good Neighbor Week. We know that it's hard to choose things we don't naturally gravitate to, and when we're required to take ownership, it slows us down even more. So, it was our staff and core volunteers' goal to do all the hard work of selecting and setting up projects just to get volunteers out in the neighborhoods. We asked people to consider taking a day off, a few half-days, or a few evenings during the week to say no to the things you wanted to do and yes to the things you could be doing to help others and learning more about yourself.

Thankfully, a few dozen volunteers took that challenge and joined us over the week and invested 450 total hours into projects from Monday through Sunday, According to, those hours translate into $11,110.50 in value to our organization according to their value of a volunteer hour calculations.  Several groups from YMCAs in the Fort Wayne area mobilized teams to paint fire hydrants as well as do yard work projects. We had three Team NeighborLink teammates take days off work and drive from both Muncie and Plainfield to help put a new roof on. We had three Weigand Construction team members take a day off work to join us on the roofing project as well. YLNI mobilized some members to paint fire hydrants. A young adult leader from Central Ministries saw the promotions on Facebook and got a team together that week to help paint a house for several hours. Our Carpenter’s Sons team of retired guys led the roof project, wiped clean a long list of code violation repairs at a home, and pitched in all week, including helping lead our wheelchair ramp building demo at Open Streets Fort Wayne on Sunday. NL staff and families even got together on Thursday to do a yard cleanup project on our own, which was a blessing to have the opportunity to serve together.  Plus, we had a dozen Team NeighborLink members volunteering on two different TNL events that week. 

Joy comes to us in many forms. For me, doing tangible things for and with others that improves quality of life for all brings me joy. I’m grateful for the 20 different people that joined me on the roof project to help David and Rose Mary. I’m grateful for the 30+ people that donated to my Birthday Campaign back in May that helped fund this project completely. Most of all, I’m grateful to Ron who led this project over three days, because without that leadership, we would not have been able to successfully complete that roof. 

Be a Good Neighbor Week was a reminder to our staff that even we need to be disrupted from time to time by week-long efforts like this. We can get in our routines at work and at home and miss the opportunities right in front of us. We got a really good glimpse of all aspects of NeighborLink that week from projects to fundraising to TNL events to even receiving a really significant $80,000 SEED Challenge Grant from Ambassador Enterprises for a program that we’ve been trying to launch for a number of years. We were excited, frustrated, defeated, lifted up, encouraged, exhausted, and a whole host of other feelings that week. However, we are certain that God was present, at work, and in the process of using His people to make things news. 

If you’re short on joy in this season of life, come volunteer with us at NeighborLink. Seeing shingles go down on roofs, grass getting cut, or fresh paint on an old house makes life a little more fulfilling. Disrupt yourself if you’re feeling complacent, in a rut, or a bit uncertain about what the future holds. We have stories after stories of people just like you who found the vision they needed after they started showing up in the margins and offering what they had to others who could use it. 

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NeighborLink In The News Recently


Telling our story is always time consuming, can be expensive, and hard to stay on top of, which is why we're always grateful when news reaches out to us to help tell the stories of what's going on day-to-day. It often comes in spurts as well. Here are a few of those recent news stories. 


After taking a nasty fall down some outside stairs, a Fort Wayne woman has been confined to her home this year. 

Sarah Williams has been taking care of her mom, Ollie Chambers, and helping her around the house. "I help her with her meals, I help her with her bath, so basically total care, really," Williams said.  But, Ollie doesn't get to go out and do the things she loves, because she needs help leaving her home. 

"I haven't been out this year," Ollie said. 

Until, Neighborlink partnered with Mission Serve, a group from down south, to build Ollie a new wheelchair ramp. 

Full story can be found here: 

Input Fort Wayne

This is one of the most comprehensive articles written on NeighborLink we've ever had. Worth the read to learn about our leadership, our organization, and why we do what we do. Thanks, Kara!

Full Article Can Be Read Here

WANE TV - Terra Brantley 


A group of Allen County residents consider themselves good neighbors. So much so that they're part of a group called Neighborlink. Their mission is to offer basic home repairs and maintenance to homeowners who are elderly, disabled, low income or find themselves in vulnerable positions.

We caught up with retired engineer David Smith and his crew working on a project for Judith Jones. "We're basically making an ADA accessible wheelchair ramp for Judith Jones," said Smith. "She needs access to her home for medical reasons."

Full story and video online here:

We're offering a Home Owner Improvement Grant: Is it for you?



NeighborLink is excited to offer a little incentive.  We all need a little incentive to start the projects we've been putting off. We hope to have several beautification projects completed this summer like getting homes painted, repairs made, and some fresh landscaping installed for example. Curb appeal, you know? 


Any home improvement or beautification project in the 468...02, 03, 05, 06, 07, or 08 that improves the overall street side exterior appearance of your home. This program is designed for beautification improvements.Total grant amount is up to 10 $300 grants.

Project Ideas: 

-Soffit, gutter, or porch repair projects

-Exterior painting 

-Concrete steps/walkway replacement 

-Street side or entire house landscaping projects


Any homeowner or renter in Allen County can apply for reimbursement. If you are a renters then you must provide written approval from your landlord. Funding will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis and will be prioritized based on the order of applications received. 


-You must submit a proposal to Lyndsy at NeighborLink.  Proposals will be reviewed on a first come basis and will be responded to within 10 days. 

-Once approved, you have 30 days to initiate the project and then 60 days to complete the project once started. If you cannot begin/complete your project within these perimeters, contact   Lyndsy to discuss other arrangements.

- Homeowners or landlords must pay for any labor or materials over the per project limit. 

-Homeowners can create a "Work Day" and let your friends and neighbors know to encourage people to come and help with projects where applicable. 

-Historic Codes must be followed where applicable. 


-Up to $300 per household - Split Funding Grant Format.

-Supplies, materials and labor costs can be included.

-Funds will be reimbursed when project is complete and once receipts are submitted to Lyndsy. 

-Example: Project cost is $500, NeighborLink will reimburse $250. 

-$3,000 is designated for this program - First Come, First Serve. 

In an effort to continue the overall improvement and development of our Neighborhoods, NeighborLink has has developed a program designed to support and incentivize neighbors to initiate exterior home improvement projects.

Landscaping, painting, soffit repair, concrete repair, etc., are all considered exterior beautification projects. We want to help you get started on a project that you've been wanting to start by offering this grant to you.



Fill out the following form with your name, address, project description, and an approximate estimate of total project cost. We'll review and get back to you within 10 days with an approval or feedback on your application. 

Once approved, you'll have 30 days to START the project and 60 days to COMPLETE it. If for some reason you cannot START it within 30 days or complete in 60 DAYS, notify Lyndsy at NeighborLink with your reasoning and a revised timeline for review.

Funding is a Split Cost Grant format and provided in a reimbursement format. If your project costs $300, we'll split your investment at $150 for example. This is good up to $300 per household. Don't forget to take before/ after photos and save those receipts! Project costs must be submitted to Lyndsy prior to reimbursement.





PROJECT DETAILS:___________________________________________________







Lyndsy Rae Porter

Community Relations Cordinator 

NeighborLink Fort Wayne -260-437-6760