Love your neighbor.

A Family Affair: The Story of the Menefe Roofing Project


When you see someone you love struggling, what do you do? You help them the best that you can. Wayde Menefe's family brought Wayde's need for a new roof to NeighborLink back in February of this year.Wayde is 55, has two children, and is wheelchair bound due to a brain aneurism and stroke in December 2009. Wayde has a strong community made up of family and friends who care for him and are willing to jump in and help Wayde in whatever ways they can. Unfortunately neither Wayde nor his community had the extra funds to cover the material costs of replacing his roof. That's whereNeighborLink stepped in. We get lots of calls about roofing projects, but because of the cost involved it is difficult to take on these types of projects. After having the project on our site for a little bit, Michelle Hoffman, Austin Kirchoff, and Beth Hicks all committed to running the 13.1 mileIndianapolis Half Marathon in May to raise funds for Wayde's roofing project.Between the three of them, they set out to raise a combined $2,000 for this project and they more than succeeded by raising almost $3,000! Combine that with the generous donations by new and old donors, we finally had enough to cover the whole project cost!

On June 6th, the Menefe family andNeighborLink volunteers, armed with shingles and tools, started the long awaited project at 8:00 am. With overcast skies and a nice breeze, it was great weather to be working in. The Menefe family kindly provided a great lunch to fuel everyone halfway through the day. This project was a total tear-off and re-shingle. Our volunteers and Wayde's family started and finished in ONE day!Spirits were high, and at the end of the day Wayde had a brand new roof. To say that this was just a roofing project would be a great disservice to all that this was. This was a community coming together to meet their loved one's need. This was three people who had never heard of the Menefe family, sacrificing their time, finances, and bodies for someone else's betterment. It was complete strangers hearing about a need through social media or word of mouth, and responding through prayer and financial gifting. This was God providing over and over again for a family. I am blown away by the dedication of the Menefe family and the NeighborLink community that made this possible!