Love your neighbor.

Recap of "Be a Good Neighbor Week"


“Be A Good Neighbor Week”... What a success! We are super thankful for everyone that came out to serve at one of our projects. If you couldn’t tell from our social media, we loved every single volunteer who decided to give their time to loving a neighbor on one of the projects. 

Here is a short but eye opening recap of how things went for each of our projects. 

Project #8017 - Roof Replacement

Judy Cunningham had been asking for a roof for help with her roof for sometime now. How great is it that we were able to put a new roof over her head in 2 days. One of our faithful volunteers Ron took the lead as our staff helped where we could. This project had some unique events happen. On day one of demo, a random neighbor climbed up on the ladder and started to help. When we asked if he knew what NeighborLink was, he said "No". Then we asked why he was helping. He said, "I just do roofing for a living, had an extra hour, used to live here in this neighborhood and wanted to help. Judy has needed a new roof for a long time and I'm happy to see she is finally getting one". It's moments like these that make us stand back and take hope in the fact that neighbors truly do still love neighbors. 

Project #11058 - Fence Building

Kevin and his wife were more than thrilled to have their fence project complete. Their dog Abner is even more thrilled! With the completion of this fence, Kevin is now able to help in the responsibility of caring for Abner. It took our volunteers about three days to complete this project. However, It was a blast to work along side a group of retired men who so willingly donate their time to NeighborLink. We could all learn from their example. 

Project #11720 - Hand Rail Installation 

While we often highlight the big projects, the small ones are just as significant. Claudretta has a difficult time going up steps and needed a hand rail installed, and her rotted ramp removed. In a time span of three hours, we had filled her need! Sometimes all it takes is a few hours to help someone gain mobility. 

Project #11511 - Exterior Paint & Facia Repair

Marjorie had several pieces of facia that needed repaired or replaced as well as a new coat of exterior paint. Thanks to our friends at YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne, she was able to get the majority of her work done. Marjorie was also gracious enough to provide lunch for the volunteers that showed up to her home. 

Project #11765 - Neighborhood Yard Work

This is where we really saw people sacrifice their time to make a difference. We had a good group of individuals come together on a Thursday afternoon to go around the south side of town mowing lawns with weed violations. This was a stretch for some as they asked why the homeowner needed help, but it was a great transformational experience for them. We love that people rallied their coworkers to come out and serve. We also really loved the baked goods that were left for volunteers.

If you feel led to volunteer, donate, or just are curious about what it looks like to join our efforts, please reach out! We would also like to encourage you to stretch yourself this summer. Take a half day or a full day off work, skip your normal routines and get to know the needs of your neighborhood. Whatever you can do, simply do it. Small things do change neighborhoods... and we’re in control of the small things. #loveyourneighbor