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Telling our story is always time consuming, can be expensive, and hard to stay on top of, which is why we're always grateful when news reaches out to us to help tell the stories of what's going on day-to-day. It often comes in spurts as well. Here are a few of those recent news stories. 


After taking a nasty fall down some outside stairs, a Fort Wayne woman has been confined to her home this year. 

Sarah Williams has been taking care of her mom, Ollie Chambers, and helping her around the house. "I help her with her meals, I help her with her bath, so basically total care, really," Williams said.  But, Ollie doesn't get to go out and do the things she loves, because she needs help leaving her home. 

"I haven't been out this year," Ollie said. 

Until, Neighborlink partnered with Mission Serve, a group from down south, to build Ollie a new wheelchair ramp. 

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Input Fort Wayne

This is one of the most comprehensive articles written on NeighborLink we've ever had. Worth the read to learn about our leadership, our organization, and why we do what we do. Thanks, Kara!

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WANE TV - Terra Brantley 


A group of Allen County residents consider themselves good neighbors. So much so that they're part of a group called Neighborlink. Their mission is to offer basic home repairs and maintenance to homeowners who are elderly, disabled, low income or find themselves in vulnerable positions.

We caught up with retired engineer David Smith and his crew working on a project for Judith Jones. "We're basically making an ADA accessible wheelchair ramp for Judith Jones," said Smith. "She needs access to her home for medical reasons."

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