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Hiring! Motion Graphics Apprentice


NeighborLink is excited to announce the development of a video content driven Apprenticeship in collaboration with Punch Films. Wherever there are people, there are stories. Those stories unlock information necessary to educate, inform, and help us form our course of action when it comes to solving problems, being entertained, or in our case, trying to connect volunteers to neighbors in need. With over 2,500 requests for assistance a year, it can be hard for volunteers and donors to fully understand what we do, how to get started, and how their investment in our organization impacts the community. In an effort to overcome those barriers, we want to begin creating as much content as we can to tell stories, break down how NeighborLink works, and create content that educates volunteers on how to be good neighbors in practical ways. 

For the right candidate that is emerging from college or exploring what a career in creative storytelling or video production, this position may be a perfect fit. NeighborLink has endless content to create, various forms of content we want to make, and a creative sandbox that rarely exist for recent graduates. What we lack in expertise or technical support is being made up by our friends at Punch Films through mentorship, training, and large scale video production experiences. 

The successful candidate will get a team of content and communication strategy experts at NeighborLink that know what stories need told and how to tell them. They will get freedom to explore their creativity and be driven to hone their technical and interpersonal skills that are vital to be successful in this industry. Finally, they'll receive professional oversight and on-the-job training from one of the biggest video production companies regionally. In the end, the content they create will make a different for a small, grassroots nonprofit and in the lives of neighbors struggling with life's circumstances. 

This is a 1-year Apprenticeship commitment with the goal of creating the content we need at NeighborLink, to build a consistent, real-life portfolio of an emerging talent, and open doors for a full-time position as a motion-graphics or videography position within the local or regional community for the candidate. 

The job description is right here Motion Graphics Apprenticeship Job Description.pdf

Download, read over, and send your resumes/reel to if you're interested in being consider. Window closes on December 7th. 

NeighborLink Vimeo Channel for examples of the content we've created in the past