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NeighborLink is Hiring - Digital Content Creator AmeriCorp VISTA


NeighborLink is currently recruiting AmeriCorps VISTA members for a NEWLY updated position. This position is for a Storytelling and Journalism Coordinator and this position gives NeighborLink the ability to increase our capacity while we grow as an organization, provide some phenomenal benefits to post-graduate candidates who may need a bit of space to figure out what is right for their career trajectory, and to evaluate new program areas. The right candidates will be passionate about serving their community in a real and tangible way. Below is more information on the position we are looking to fill as soon as possible. You'll be joining the NeighborLink team with two other AmeriCorp VISTA members that have recently joined our team. One is focused on Community Research and Engagement and the other is focusing on our Team NeighborLink program and also helping organize events. You'll be in great company. 

Storytelling and Journalism Coordinator 

NeighborLink at its core is a connecting organization that uses technology and story to connect neighbors wanting to help with those that are needing help. Those that need help find us and share all that they can in order to influence us to help them. Those that want to help know they want to help and will respond to the opportunity, but need to be told who needs the help, why they need it, and what can happen if they can help. We collect a lot of “data” every year and are always trying to find ways to turn that data into life giving information that influences others to action. We’re always telling the story of NL as it happens. 

We’ve been building a digital media team in the past year that includes a full-time videographer and a graphic designer/motion graphics person along with a director of communication. We’re looking to add a writer that has creative writing, journalism, and/or PR backgrounds that can join us to write stories and add depth to the content we’re creating. In addition, we’re looking for regular written pieces to come out via blogs, press releases, and long-form writing that are both telling immediate stories of neighbors we’re helping as well as trends related to the work we’re doing at a deeper level. Issues of poverty, fixed income homeowners trying to live in place, and the state of neighborhoods in local contexts. 

This has the potential to build our volunteer base, increase the depth of understanding and engagement of our existing volunteers, and increase the awareness of our organization in the public forum as being an innovative volunteer mobilization and neighborhood development organization. 

The right VISTA can expect to use their love of storytelling, writing, and research to bring out the core essence of NeighborLink. To find out more information and to apply, click on the link below:

Storytelling & Journalism Opportunity Listing

Contact us if you have specific questions. We'd love to talk to you before you apply if you have intial questions. 

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