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The Final Turnstone Ramp


Without Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities we wouldn’t be building as many ramps as we do today. They were the recipient of a WOWO News/Talk 1190 AM & 107.5 FM Penny Pitch grant several years ago that was designated for building ramps. As Turnstone continued to growth into the organization they are today, they knew they needed a partner who was better equipped at managing a program that aligned with home modification projects and the volunteers needed to do them. 

Turnstone invited us to help facilitate the ramp program, which we did thanks to members of the Carpenters Sons and some of the previous volunteers that built ramps for years before we got involved. It started off slowly as we developed the process, but quickly picked up and almost two hundred ramps have been built, repaired or repurposed in the past three years thanks to this funding. That funding has been vital to ability to respond quickly to requests and be able to move with fewer barriers due to knowing there is trust that we use the funding wisely. 

We were able to embrace Turnstone's client co-pay model that encouraged participation at various levels since day one, which helps those dollars go even further. Each ramp costs us around $700 in materials and on average is 25ft long. 

Those funds are finally gone and we are grateful for Turnstone's partnership and trust. Because of that funding and the volunteers responsible for doing the work, there are over 200 people that have one less mobility barrier to overcome on a daily basis. The ramp program lives on healthily as we have been able to continue to fundraise throughout the years to ensure we have a budget to keep our volunteers mobilized.