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Project #12317: TNLCX 2017 - Racing For Our Neighbors

12.5 Update - Masters checked out Lashanda's furnace and determined it was a faulty control board, which is an $80 part. Masters donated the part and the labor to get this fixed. Lashanda now has heat.

Project #7 - Lashanda is single mother and grandmother who needs someone to come out and look at her furnace. She said that the furnace won't come on at all. Lashanda has been unable to work and is not able to afford to have a repairman to come out and look at the furnace.

12.5 Update - Masters checked out Laquetta's furnace and determined it was just a blower motor that needed replaced. They needed $550 to cover the part and we approved the request and got the furnace repaired.

Project #6 - Laquetta is in need of her furnace to be repaired. She states that it will not turn on at all. It is just her and her child and fear that there is no heat in the home as winter approaches.

11.30 Update - Rolland, who is a Korean War Veteran, had his furnace shut off due to a major issue earlier this week. Due to the generosity of all of you and a Giving Tuesday campaign, we funded this project in an hour. Because of that combined with the rapid response and generosity of Masters Heating and Cooling, we were able to get Rolland a new furnace the very next day.

Project #5 - Rolland is a veteran of the Korean war. He has been having problems with his furnace this season, it's very old & after further inspection it's been found to have a crack in the heat exchanger. The furnace had to be shut down & he now has no heat in the home until the furnace can be replaced.

Project #4 - Dina's gas furnace went out at the end of last heating season (Late Winter 2017.) Dina has owned her mobile home & has lived their for close to 15 I believe. Dina lives on a fixed income and just can't save up enough to get the furnace replaced. Masters Heating and Cooling has quote the project at $2165 - Dina is able to contribute $665, which leaves NeighborLink with $1,500 to try to fundraise. TNLCX athlete, Corey Smith & his workplace are going to try to fundraise for this project, but would appreciate your help.

Project #3 - Hospice patient, Sith, is taking dialysis every Tue, Thur & Sat mornings at Southgate plaza. His gas furnace was out and so Masters took a look at it, tried to fix it with a new circuit board, but found out the heat exchangers are cracked. Due to the urgency of this project, NeighborLink got this project installed on November 17th thanks to the fundraising done by TNL athlete, Wes Akers.

Sith's Project -

Project #2 - Annie has an old gas furnace (32 years) that she can't get lit anymore & needs help either getting it repaired or replaced. Whatever help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

11/21 Update: Furnace went in on 11/20! Annie now has heat and she couldn't be more thrilled with it. Thank you so much for your continued support of our efforts.

11/16 Update: We have now raised enough money to get this project schedule and completed next week, before Thanksgiving. Thank you to everyone that has donated, including Ben Lauer who gave up his Birthday to help with this project.

11/10 Update: Masters Heating & Cooling and the NLFW staff have inspected this project and are working to get this project funded/completed. The total project cost will be $1841 and the homeowner is able to cover $641. So, we're trying to fundraise $1,200 to get this done. Any contribution helps us meet this goal and get heat in Annie's home.

Project #1 - Sharon is a widow & has been fighting cancer for the past several years. NeighborLink Volunteers have been trying to help her over the past couple months get some code violations taken care of on the exterior of her home. Getting to know Sharon, we've learned that her gas furnace has been broken for the past year & needs help with getting it replaced.

Team NeighborLink Cyclocross Team is back after our inaugural year in 2016 with a team twice as big and twice as optimistic about the idea that using our love for cycling can help us transform homes for neighbors in need.

We took what we learned from last season along with what we've been learning about athlete fundraisers and created our Ambassador Program that gives athletes the option to start fundraising all year long. Because of this new strategy, we've had 4 TNLCX members already raising dollars for neighbors in need this year and have raised over $3,100 to date.

In 2016, the team raised over $8000 throughout the CX season to help fund 5 complete furnace replacements and repair 12 other furnaces. It's our goal to raise $6000 this year throughout the cyclocross season. It may look like we're not as ambitious this year, but when you factorinthe existing campaigns that TNLCX members have been running, we're closer to a $10,000 goal for the season.

What we promise our donors is that 100% of your donations to our campaigns during this season will go to homeowners in need who desperately need a new furnace to heat their home this winter. As you can tell from our success last year, there are many vulnerable seniors and folks facing disabilities that just don't have the resources or expertise to fix or replace their furnaces. TNLCX is determined to do something about it. We'll be selecting and completing projects as funds come in throughout the season.

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