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Project #18997: Runners Doing Good for NeighborLink Fort Wayne

Runners Doing Good is a Fort Wayne based running group with a 5 year track record of fundraising success through our running efforts. In June of 2020, we will be running Ragnar Relay Trail Michigan and all of it's 130 miles of forested and hilly challenges that it has to offer....ALL to benefit NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

In 2019, we raised $7443 to support NLFW's mission and they turned that into the repair of 3 furnaces and the replacement of 2 more, making 5 homes warmer. Please watch the above video that explains how NLFW was able to make that happen.

Our hope is to raise even more this year so that the winter of 20/21 will be warmer for even more Fort Wayne area residents.


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$2,147.05 of $5,000.00