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Project #19087: Flow Tech - Schd

Heating / HVAC

Update 10/01/20: This request is still a need. Furnace is currently working but very old & in need of being replaced. Homeowner can't afford to pay for replacement on his own, would appreciate whatever help is available. Update 2/24: This request is still needed; furnace has been off with a code showing a problem with the flame rollout switch. Homeowner would appreciate any help you could provide.
Our furnace stopped working last night. I did as many troubleshooting tips as I could but nothing worked. Thankfully it wasnít that cold. Only got to 51 in the house. The sun helped a bit today but itís only at 61 tonight. So not sure how cold it will get. We do have space heaters to put in the kidsí rooms. We have 8 kids. I ordered two cheap parts last night and will get them Monday. Hoping they are the issue. Unfortunately our furnace is 20 years old and our one friend with HVAC knowledge said this may only be a bandaid. We donít have the money to buy a brand new one. Not sure if there is any assistance or programs. Or even if a licensed pro could come out and look at it.


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