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Project #19145: Plumbing leak under the kitchen sink


We have a leak somewhere under our kitchen sink that we can't pinpoint. We have had 2 friends try to find and fix the leak and even had a local plumbing company come out and claim to have fixed it only to find a few months later that the leak was back again. Whether they truly 'fixed' it initially is still debatable but unless we wanted to incur additional costs they weren't willing to return and look things over again. Sometimes it leaks a lot and at other times it only leaks a little. When it leaks we have looked and felt everywhere imaginable in those cabinets and we cannot figure out where the leak is originating from. As a result we currently have 2 fairly large plastic tubs under the counter/sink with our supplies in them and they also serve to catch the leaking water so the particleboard in the cabinets isn't constantly wet and moldy. We frequently have to empty the tubs out too. At one point we were told that the plumbing going from under the sink over to the dishwasher was to blame and supposedly that was fixed but every now and then when we run the dishwasher it will leak out/flood a big area on the kitchen floor. It was recently mentioned that sometimes the flexible hose that goes up to the faucet might be leaking. We've tried to check that out ourselves and so far we've never found it to be wet either. We're at a loss. My husband and I are both on total disability and barely make ends meet from month-to-month. If someone could help us identify the problem at the very least we would be thrilled! However, we would be ecstatic to have the problem identified and fixed by someone familiar with plumbing! We would help in any way possible and if we had some extra money that month we would gladly try to pay whatever we could towards fixing the leak. The flooring in front of the cabinets has been wet so many times that it's swelled up in places and will have to be fixed one day when we can replace the flooring. We just don't want the leak to continue to happen and make things worse over the long haul. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look this request over and God bless! Pat


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