Love your neighbor.

Project #19826: 10,000 Challenge

Team NeighborLink athletes are missing each other and our cycling community friends at the events we love just like all of you. We’ve also had some of our grassroots events cancelled (Hot Laps & Night Moves), which reduces some needed and expected revenue while seeing increased need at our organization, like some of the organizations that were putting on events that you were committed to.

However, we’re seeing you riding or running more miles than ever and being generous with your time and resources to help your community out in a time of need. In an effort to bridge the gap between all those worlds and come up with something unique and creative, we’re partnering with a number of cycling teams, clubs, and nonprofits to create the 10,000 Challenge.

The 10,000 Challenge is this: A collaborative effort that connects our greater cycling community together in a way that challenges us personally, creates an opportunity for unity and collaboration with your team right now, raises awareness for great causes we love, and helps them raise some revenue from canceled fundraising events while giving us all a sense of community that we get when we’re together. (Well, as much as possible without actually being together)


10,000 Miles Ridden, ran, walked or even kayaked. However you get your miles in.

$10,000 Dollars Raised - You pick out of the charities below & make a donation. Think of your last entry fee as a starting amount.

One Weekend - Post your miles and fundraise either or both days


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Completion Date:

Funding Progress
$4,190.00 of $10,000.00