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Project #19986: Fund This Project - Naomi Needs a New Roof - CDBG


Naomi King is a working mom with five kids. Her children are her world. Nearly twenty years ago, she moved back to the neighborhood of her youth and has since become a pillar of her community. About a decade after moving in, the historic home she had built her family’s life around showed signs of degradation. Numerous repairs have been made throughout the years but the roof has consistently gotten worse. Currently, she fears for more than just its sound structure.

Saving up for a $12,000 roof on a teaching assistant salary with five kids and one in college is simply impossible.

NeighborLink has been working with Naomi and has her approved to receive a Community Development Block Grant for $7,500 from the City of Fort Wayne, which covers a large percentage of the roof budget, but not all of it. We're still needing to raise $4,800 to cover the rest of the cost.

Neighbors are committed to helping her navigate the rest of the repairs once we get the roof replaced. Consider making a tax-deductible donation and we'll commit 100% of the dollars raised to this project. Anything raised above the $4800 will go to covering additional material costs for repairs inside her home.


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