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Project #20129: Need help fixing bunny barn

Just Need A Helping Hand

My daughter raises rabbits for 4h and because she loves them.
She has always earned money and saved to provide all their care.
Over time with a used dog run and some ingenuity she has built a "bunny barn".
She likes to let the rabbits hang out in the yard and in the floor of the bunny barn.
But the little rascals dig out all the time and have me over here shaking my fist like Mr. McGregor in Peter Rabbit.
I keep threatening to look up a recipe for rabbit stew.
But really we are in over our heads and need some help.
I would like help moving the small bunny house and attaching poultry fencing to the bottom so they can stay put when they are not getting a recess break.
I would like to do the same with the big bunny barn. Not moving it to another location but to lift and attach the fencing to the bottom is more than she and I can get quickly done.
I have a young granddaughter at home who wants to help with everything.
She adds to the challenge of figuring out how to do this ourselves and I also have a son with special needs.
Part of the reason we want to relocate the small bunny barn is because we got a second hand porch swing and want to hang it in the spot where it currently resides.
Neighborlink has connected us to awesome people in the past and I am looking forward to meeting some new people.
We appreciate your desire to help our community and we look forward to giving back when we can.
Be blessed.

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