Love your neighbor.

Project #21391: Loving Through Complexity

For the past 17 years, NeighborLink has existed to provide practical, neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of Godís love. While our vision may have started small, we have become a multidimensional organization responsible for thousands of home-related service projects for neighbors in need across the Fort Wayne area.

As our growth continues, the connections, situations, solutions, and adaptations we face become increasingly more complex.

Each complexity is more than an obstacle to overcome. Each involves a neighbor trying to stay afloat when weed violations, leaky roofs, malfunctioning furnaces, and mobility around the house are daily, overwhelming concerns.

Thatís why we need your help. For the next two weeks, we invite you to take a glimpse of our growing complexities and how your partnership makes a difference with each one. Loving our neighbors is complex. Together, it doesnít have to be.

We will receive a matching gift of $25,000 if we're successful in reaching our $25,000 goal. Please consider investing in our future.

Huge thank to Brotherhood Mutual, BKD CPAs & Advisors, Ambassador Enterprises, Fort Wayne Metals, Sweetwater Sound, and Lake City Bank for supporting this campaign along with all the foundation and private donors that help make NeighborLink operate each year.


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$32,850.00 of $30,000.00