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Project #22727: Reinforced porch

Tangible Property Repair

5/19/21- This is still a need!
This neighbor is looking for help reinforcing the boards on her porch. They are strong enough to hold her up, but it bows in the middle. Thanks!

On 7/22/21 Helping Hands went to the home to repair the porch and were attacked and sting by several bees. The owner is to put a bee killing bomb under the porch to kill the bees. We are going back next Thursday, 7/29/21.

On August 5th and 12th, Helping Hands group completed half the porch replacement. The owner said she could not pay for the materials until the first part of September. At this time she owes $243.28.

On 8/12/21 we tore out and replace half of the porch. The homeowner must pay for the materials for what was completed before we will complete the other half of the porch. The whole porch is useable at this time, so there is no hazards to be concerned about.


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10/21/2021 09:00 AM


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