Love your neighbor.

Project #24589: 2021 Fall Fundraiser: Harmony

At NeighborLink, we believe in abiding in Christ, loving each other, & moving toward our neighbors in joy. We've also learned that harmony looks a lot like riding in tandem. Joined together in a unified cause, the forward movement while riding in tandem makes any journey a completely different experience. Not only do we move together in joy, but riders are allowed to bear each other’s burdens in times of weariness and weakness.

Our vision at NeighborLink is to build bridges between needs and resources, between volunteers and those in need of help. In all of this, we strive to lower the barrier of entry for those who need this help and for those who are willing to help.

For our fall fundraiser, we have set a goal to raise $30,000 to propel our mission and vision forward. We have a donor dollar-for-dollar match opportunity of up to $30,000, so every dollar raised gets us closer to our goal. We invite you to join us as we abide in Christ to continue helping the vulnerable neighbors within our community and invest in the future our organization.

We want to thank to our sponsors Ambassador Enterprises, BKD CPAs & Advisors, Deister Machine Company, and Brotherhood Mutual for supporting this campaign along with all the foundation and private donors that help make NeighborLink operate each year.


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Funding Progress
$20,340.00 of $30,000.00