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Project #5822: Molly's Birthday Campaign

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. They were greeted with big celebrations and bigger smiles. From the time I can remember, it was always a special day - my day. For those that know me, that still rings true. I kickoff a countdown (way to early) to the big day and the morning of, I wake my daughters with a question: "Do you have something to tell me?" As if they could forget!

This year, I was thinking about my birthday and how I am tremendously blessed. I don't need anything and I want for very little. When it comes down to it, the thing I love most about birthdays in general is the gathering of friends and family, the well wishes, the laughter and joy. I wanted to make my birthday on April 23rd about that for someone else too and remembered NeighborLink's birthday campaign from 2013. I reached out to Andrew and asked him if I could get involved. This year, I'm asking my loved ones to share what it means to feel the love of family, to wish someone well, and to bring them joy by donating to NeighborLink in lieu of buying me a gift.

100 percent of the money donated goes to NeighborLink to help someone in Fort Wayne with a home project. I've set a goal of $500. This money can buy a family a much-needed new furnace or assist a senior with yard work and supplies or help a single parent move to a new home. Thanks in advance for helping make my birthday wish a reality. And if you still want to tell me happy birthday on the big day - go for it!


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