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Project #9407: Team NeighborLink Cyclocross Team Fundraising Campaign

2.10.17 Update - 100% of our $8,000 goal has been raised as of last night. We raised just under $2,400 at a fundraising event in Indy at Bicycle Garage. Huge thank you to BGI, SRAM, Flat 12 Brewierks, and other brands for making donations to our team. We still have two Giant TCX bikes to sell and that will put us close to $11,000+ in this campaign.

To date, 17 projects have been completed with this funding. 5 complete furnace replacements and 12 repairs have been made. We have one more in Indy scheduled and will find another full furnace replacement in FW to close out the projects for now.

Furnace #4 Update - Wanda is warm, safe and sound in her home thanks to you all donors.

Furnace #4 - Wanda is a single-parent of a 13 year old daughter. Her furnace has gone out and is in need of replacement, but she just doesn't have the funds to afford the entire thing. Masters Heating and Cooling has given us an estimate of $1200 to replace this furnace and we're moving forward with getting it replaced. Wanda is going to contribute what she can to help participate in the completion of her own project. Consider making a contribution to keep this campaign going.

Furnace #3 - Jonathon is unemployed, is disabled, and has other hardships. He does not currently have a working furnace. Jonathon is trying hard to create a safe, sustainable home for himself, and the NL Indianapolis staff is confident in helping him get heat in his house.

Furnace #2 Update: HomeSense was able to replace the furnace for only $540, which means this project has been funded and completed. Huge blessing to NL Indy, Dana, and all the donors. One to furnace #3.

Furnace #2 - Dana is 52 years old and disabled. Due to numerous health problems, she was out of her home for several months. While she was dealing with her health problems, her house was broken into and extensively vandalized. Portions of the furnace were stolen making it inoperable. She is now back in her home but obviously now without a working furnace. Homesense Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis is donating labor on this furnace install. Once we hit our funding goal of $2000 on this project ($4,000 in total on the right), we'll get it installed!

Furnace #1 Update: Tamara was able to get a furnace installed in her home by Masters Heating and Cooling. He's grateful for the support and we did a video on the project.

Furnace #1 - Tamara is 63 and disabled after suffering a stroke in 2001. She is also raising her 13 year old granddaughter due to her mom's death from breast cancer nine years ago. The neighbor contacted us because he knows she's trying very hard and needs the help.

Masters Heating and Cooling has inspected the project and has given us an estimate of $1900 to fix the furnace, which included them DONATING their labor to the project. Such good guys! We're looking to raise $1900 to get this project funded! -


First of all, we love NeighborLink. Second, we really love riding and racing our bikes, challenging ourselves both physically and mentally, and inviting our communities into the things that are important to us. Team NeighborLink was created 6 years ago as a way to help our athletically minded volunteers and supporters find a way to incorporate NL into their events and training. We like to think we add some purpose to all of the hours we put in.

Team NL continues to grow and we continue to challenge ourselves as individuals and as a team. In 2016, we're launching an official cyclocross team to take on the OVCX, Indy Cross, and a handful of other regional races in an effort to get on some podiums, raise awareness, and most importantly, raise $8000 to help fund 4 furnaces for neighbors in need this fall/winter.

NeighborLink is a nonprofit organization that helps senior citizens, those with disabilities, and folks facing life's circumstance that create tangible needs beyond their ability to meet on their own. Essentially, we help connect neighbors in need with neighbors looking to help. Projects like yard work, home repairs, wheelchair ramps, roofs, and anything else you can imagine that goes wrong with a house, NL volunteers help with. Senior citizens and folks living on a fixed income just can't recover financially from a furnace failure, and ultimately end up heating their homes with space heaters and sometimes even their oven. Seriously.

One the powerful things we've been able to do at NeighborLink is create environment where individuals like us can create meaningful opportunities to help donors like you connect their resources directly to neighbors in need. 100% of your donation to our campaign will go to covering material expenses on a NL projects we'll choose as the weather turns cold. We'll even participate in doing the work to complete the project in collaboration with the HVAC contractors we work with. We'll take pictures, send you the details, and make sure you know exactly how your donation made a difference in 2016.

This year, we're setting out to raise $8000 to go to 4 furnace projects. Please consider making a donation on our behalf, or our commitment to do something bigger than than just race cyclocross bikes. Team NL athletes, including myself, wear our NL gear and represent our work with pride. We love being able to tell the story that we ride/race as a way to raise awareness for vulnerable neighbors in need.

2016 Cyclocross Team Members:
Joshua Johnson - Cat 1
Sam Berger-Butler - Cat 3
Steve Vorderman - Masters
Ed Messer - Cat 3
Marissa Doner - Cat 4
Andrew Hoffman - Cat 5
David Bradway - Cat 4
Emily Bradway - Cat 4


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