Love your neighbor.

CityWide Movement - Neighbor-To-Neighbor Day (NeighborLink Fort Wayne)

Start: 08/29/2020 08:30 AM
End: 08/29/2020 12:00 PM

“Imagine SE Fort Wayne as the most desirable place in the city to own, live, work, learn, and play. What would that look like?”

With that guiding question, the CityWide Movement announces a neighbor-to-neighbor help, hope, and connection event with NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

Residents of southeast Fort Wayne can share both neighborhood pride and neighborhood chores with people from across the city on Saturday, April 25. Arrival 8:30a // Launch 9:00a // Finish by 12p

Workers will serve residents of various Southeast Fort Wayne neighborhoods in a variety of projects: from cleaning gutters, spring yard cleanup, minor painting projects and making minor home repairs to raking, cleaning, and picking up trash in public spaces.

Join several hundred other volunteers as we partner with SE churches and community initiatives to help facilitate tangible acts of God’s love.

3.9.20 Update
WE ARE WORKING ON SPECIFIC PROJECTS CURRENTLY with a handful of local launch sites where volunteers can gather before heading out to their designated project. We anticipate having projects for several hundred volunteers so don't worry.

PLEASE sign up for any specific projects you see below OR click this link to give us your contact information so we can follow up with you as projects get organized. NeighborLink staff will follow up with you all individually.

This entire event is about building relationships with each other, the existing churches and organizations serving the Southeast, and with our fellow volunteers. So, please ask anyone you meet to share stories about themselves, their home, or their neighborhood. We will end the day with a better understanding of the SE quadrant.



There are no projects added to this service event