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Loving Through The Complexity

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If there Is one thing the year 2020 has taught us, it is that life is complex.

To be honest, we've been monitoring the complexity theme for a while now. In recent years, as projects poured in one right after the other, we noticed an increase in the amount and variety of complexities involved. If COVID has given us anything, it was a brief opportunity to pause, evaluate, and assess the complexities that brought new challenges with each new season of growth.

This organizational assessment has done wonders for our vision as we approach the final months of 2020 and look forward to 2021. We believe that by addressing, embracing, and enlightening our supporters to these complexities, we are ushering in a new and exciting era for NeighborLink. As previously unseen complexities come our way in record numbers, they have enabled us to love our neighbors in bigger, more meaningful ways than ever before. And while the uncharted waters of complex project shape, scale, and size may seem intimidating at first, we believe the journey is well worth it. 

But we cannot do it alone. We need your financial help.

Over the next few days, we invite you to take a look at the complexities we regularly face and why each one matters to our neighbors, our communities, our volunteers, and to us. Each day features a different complexity, so check back regularly and click on the corresponding image below to learn which one will be addressed and how you can partner with us to make it work. 

Life is complex. With your help, it doesn't have to be. 



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