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On March 23rd, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued a decree that all non-essential activities and businesses must adhere to strict Stay-At-Home policies beginning Wednesday, March 25th. Since NeighborLink is considered an essential organization, we will continue to remain operational. To learn more about our current operations, click here

NeighborLink has been a place where vulnerable neighbors can seek assistance from their neighbors since we began serving Fort Wayne in 2003. Over 10,000 tangible and practical neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of God???s love through service and volunteerism have been completed in that time, with 3,500 requests for assistance and 1,400 completed projects in 2019. We have built a community of concerned neighbors that will be looking for ways to help during this time and are willing to step into complicated situations out of obedience and compassion. 

The board of directors and our staff are committed to being as proactive and responsive as we can to ensure that NeighborLink continues to be a place where concerned neighbors can come alongside their vulnerable neighbors in ways to provide tangible, spiritual, and social support during a time of increased vulnerability. Many needs yet to be known will surface as it relates to increased social isolation, economic impacts related to vocational changes, and reduced capacity at our partner organizations. All of us will be impacted in some way, including myself as we have three kids now out of school for the next month and are two parents that work in the social sector who are about to get a whole lot busier rather than slower. 

We aren't sure what is going to happen, we are preparing for trouble, we're not afraid, and we're ready to respond with the heart of our mission by providing practical, neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of God's love. 

We're going to need each other. We just aren't sure how, yet. 

This page is going to be a hub for all COVID-19 related information as it relates to NeighborLink Fort Wayne. All information will be updated as needed, so please check back here if you have any concerns or want to know current best practices. 

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