Love your neighbor.

Videos: Fund this Project: Charlotte

When Charlotte was young, her father told her because she is number 7 [of her siblings], it meant she was strong. Charlotte has always been strong and spent her life taking care of and helping others.

Now in her 70's, with health setbacks the medical bills are piling up, getting recently sideswiped her car needs to be repaired and her grown kids being disabled are still living at home. Charlotte's fixed income doesn't stretch far enough to make the necessary repairs to her porch.

Her porch is crumbling and on the brink of falling away from the house. NeighborLink volunteers are hoping to start the required repairs in the next couple of weeks. We are looking for fundraise to cover the cost of materials to remove all the debris, rebuild the brick and porch wall, fix the sagging floor, rebuild the stairs and pull all the required permits. Volunteers are doing all the work for free and Charlotte will be putting as much as she can towards the cost as well. The estimated remaining cost for repairs is $1000.

Please consider donating to Charlotte's home repairs. Thank you!