Love your neighbor.

Videos: How to Plant a Garden with Tegan

What do Gardening + NeighborLink have in common?

1. Host 10-year old Tegan's parents own Neat Neat Neat records who recently did a fundraiser for NeighborLink during Record Store Day.

2. Lyndsy Porter came up with the idea for this video and it was shot her back yard. She does Community Relations for NL.

3. NeighborLink's video team, which was made possible from a SEED grant through Ambassador Enterprises, made this video.

4. A garden grows fresh, delicious food that you can share with your neighbors. North Highlands, Bailey Dailey, talks about asking and receiving tomatoes from a neighbor during our Neighboring podcast.

5. Beautifying your landscape, which could include a garden, may entice your neighbors to improve their landscape. These results came from the Home Improvement Grant study we did. We?ll be sharing more about this study soon!

6. It's Earth Day and NeighborLink wanted to celebrate!