Love your neighbor.

Videos: How To: Add New Project For Same Recipient

We often have the opportunity to post additional projects for the person we're helping that we discover during the phone call. Especially as we respond to COVID-19 projects and are proactive in using pre-existing projects as points of connection to our neighbors even if we can't help them with what they're currently requesting help for. If you happen to see someone in your area that needs a new roof but you just want to call, you can call them, talk to them, and then create a new project for that "Prayer/Encouragement" project. You can then decide whether that was a one-time or an ongoing call.

This video walks you through how you can create new projects for those you've helped or just called and learned something new about that the original project doesn't cover when it comes to project types. If it's just additional information for the same project, then you can just update the project description.

Example: You help a person complete their yard work but in the process of talking to them on the phone or in person, they ask you if you could help paint their kitchen. You can find the yard work project you just completed, create a new project from that page, and then either select it to help them or allow other volunteers to help.