Love your neighbor.

Videos: How To: Find Waiver On Mobile Phones

We just launched a mobile phone version of the waiver that you can execute on a mobile device.

Questions around liability are some of our most frequently asked questions. We have created a waiver to address those that can initiative the conversation and provide a sense of security for volunteers and neighbors asking for help.

NL is and has always been a "volunteer at your own risk" organization in the same way that when you walk down the street to help a neighbor, you've already thought through whether you feel comfortable helping with what the need is. You've thought about the project requirements, your skills, and whether you feel safe doing what is needed.

We encourage you to take the same precautions when selecting a NL projects. However, you may get questions from homeowners regarding your abilities and we always ask that you be honest and under-promise and over deliver. This waiver helps you and them acknowledge the agreement that you're making between each other and release either party from liability.

Our staff is always willing to talk about this in person, so please give us a call at 260.209.0074