Love your neighbor.

Videos: Living In the Tension of Serving

Steve Binkley, Advisory Group member, shares the story of the Good Samaritan and how it relates to serving in today's context. NeighborLink projects create the opportunity for cross cultural and varied socio-economic connections to be made, which can create tension in the context of helping one another out. Sometimes we work with difficult people, but most of the time the crisis of their situation causes the most tension. Steve helps break down the variables and points us back to the scriptures and helps us imagine how Jesus would respond. Steve illustrates the response is probably slower, intentional, and probably thorough.

At NeighborLink, we try to create a healthly community where we can come along one another and offer each other hope through the sharing of our time, gifts, and talents. Most of the time as humans we work hard at relieving the tension in our lives as fast as possible or avoiding it all together. Steve reminds us that this tension is part of our transformation and in order to become better on the other side, we should lean into it.