Love your neighbor.

Videos: Kathy - Neighbor of the Year Finalist

25 years living next to each other and being open to getting to know each other will make you more like family than just neighbors, which is the case for Kathy, Roberta, and their families. Kathy and Roberta recalled all the life happenings over the past 25 years during our interview. They've raised kids next to each other, spent holiday meals together, and have helped each other with countless home maintenance projects. Spreading mulch is definitely better when you do it with your neighbors.

Roberta especially calls out Kathy's generosity and kindness when it comes to how Kathy has responded during some difficult times such as the passing of Roberta's mother and when her husband was hospitalized three times due to a heart condition. Roberta has also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the past year and grateful for Kathy's strength as a friend as she has been there through it all so far.

Interviewing Roberta and Kathy, we saw how 25 years of doing small things for each other truly do change neighborhoods and the lives of those who live in them. We asked both of them whether they had thought of moving away over the years and both of them said, yes but they've never been able to do it because they would miss each other too much.