Love your neighbor.

Videos: Kirsten - Neighbor of the Year Finalist

Courtney describes her nomination for neighbor of the year as one of those "I'll do anything for a friend," kind of people and "once in a lifetime neighbors." Courtney and Kirsten didn't remain just neighbors, but have became close friends over the years they've known each other. Kirsten and Courtney's relationship as neighbors truly has them sharing their time and resources whenever each other need it, whether it's babysitting each others kids or lending eggs when you've ran out.

Courtney shared about a time when Kirsten was the first person she called to rescue her at a nearby grocery store after suffering a flat tire because her husband worked 3rd shift and wouldn't have been able to get away from work that easily. They've trained for 10k runs together, took shelter in basements together during storm warnings, and have watched each other's family grow.

Kirsten is worthy of being called a finalist for the neighbor of the year because of her willingness to build relationships with her neighbors that go beyond a wave as you pull in and out of your garage.