Love your neighbor.

Videos: Linda - Neighbor of the Year Finalist

Brett and Michelle live across the street from Linda and see her putting her caring nature to work for all the neighbors around them, including her next door neighbor, Sarge. Sarge lost his wife last year and has some health issues of his own, and Linda has taken it upon herself to help him out by mowing his grass, weeding his flower beds, and checking in on him on a daily basis. Linda's love for yard work and helping others out has even led her to taking care of Brett and Michelle's yard a number of times in the past year just because she knows how helpful it is.

Michelle shared with us how Linda is always there as a neighbor whether its for a meaningful conversation, a cup of sugar, or to help with anything we'd ask help for. Linda and her husband John are also regular hosts of neighborhood parties. Michelle knows that their neighborhood wouldn't be the same without Linda and John.