Love your neighbor.

Videos: Rose and Denny - Neighbor of the Year Finalists

Rose and Denny have lived in their home on Fort Wayne's northeast side for over 45 years. They have been the anchors of the neighborhood. Denny has spent many years advocating and working on larger projects to keep the neighborhood safe while Rose is known for her loving and caring nature towards the kids of the neighborhood.

They were nominated by the daughter (Becky) of one of their neighbors, who shares how Rose & Denny were always there for her 94 year old mother after her husband died. Becky shares how much of a blessing Rose & Denny were to her mother until she passed away. Becky shared how Rose would check in daily with her and how Denny routinely took on home maintenance projects without hesitation for not only her mother, but many of the neighbors on their block.

Rose and Denny are truly great neighbors and we all felt their loving nature towards others as we weren't allowed to leave without a hug from Rose.