Love your neighbor.

Videos: Pete - Neighbor of the Year Finalists

Disclaimer - We broke our own rules when we voted Pete to be a finalist and we learned that our rules excluded great people like Pete. Pete has owned and been restoring 2 homes for over 25 years, he's a dues paying member of his neighborhood association, and he's more active than most other neighbors. However, Pete doesn't live in either of the homes he owns. He used to, but no longer does. So, we had to eliminate him from the campaign, but his story and video still tell the story of what a great neighbor is. The nominators and many of his other neighbors still believe and call him neighbor.

Pete loves Williams Woodland so much he's kind of taken on the role of mascot by putting on his tuxedo with tails and hoping aboard his Penny Farthing bicycle for neighborhood events and parades. He's led many initiatives in his neighborhood such as a tree committee that aims to protect it's 150 year old tree canopy. He hosts regular events in one of his large side yards including apple pressing and neighborhood picnics. Pete is a craftsman at heart and is always willing to help a neighbor with any project they need done.

We hope his story will inspire you to be a better neighbor like it does us.