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Project #11300
Update 3/20/18: Andrew called in today about his request regarding a new furnace as his furnace isn't working at all. He is using his oven and electric heater to warm his home. This is still very much a need and any help is appreciated. Update ...
Project #13133
Update 2/27: this is an urgent need as she can no longer lock her door. Sandy would really appreciate your help with this request! Having problems with her front door & would like to get it replaced. Has saved up some money to put towards this proj...
Project #12532: Water Heater
Update 2/1/18: This need is now very urgent as her water heater has now started to leak. Please help if you can. Bonnie is in need of a new water heater, hers is rusted out. Please consider helping her.
Project #12946
Caller has been without a working stove for some time now & is asking for help with getting a new or good used gas stove. Please help if you are able.
Project #13086
The spigot on the side of her house has burst & is leaking. They have capped off the line for now but need help with getting the problem fixed correctly so the water can be used throughout the rest of the house. Thanks for considering this rather urg...

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