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Project #13651: Garden Work
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting her garden tilled for the spring. She really enjoys gardening and would appreciate any help in getting her garden ready. Any assistance is appreciated.
Project #12434: Kitchen Flooring
Update 4/18/18: Rhonda called in today and getting her kitchen flooring fixed is still a need for her. She says that there are places where it's worn and broken up. Current kitchen has wood floors that are worn down. There are areas causing he...
Project #14220: Roof
Hole in roof ceiling coming down in living room need roof patchedits raining in living room
Project #14219: Roof Repair
Neighbor in need of getting the roof repaired on her two story home. The roof is leaking into one of the bedrooms on the second floor. The ceiling is buckling from the water damage. Neighbor is a senior, and any assistance is appreciated.
Project #14218: Roof Repair
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting the roof repaired on her detached garage/carport. There are boards rotting out because of water damage, and she is unable to attach gutters properly. Any assistance is appreciated.

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