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Creating Project Type Maps

We've added a new function that allows you to search for specific project types and then create a map based on those projects. This works great for snow removal projects as well as any projects that volunteers want to do multiples of in the same day....

Volunteering: Small Things Make Big Changes

Written by graphic design intern, Lily Fenoglio A personal experience with supporting my community "We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men." -Herman Melville Often, and all too easily, we find ourselves so...

Walking In Winter

Our van has been having some problems recently and I needed to take it to a repair shop just north of downtown. I made the decision that I would drop it off and then walk to my favorite coffee shop downtown to work for a few hours before walking back...

The Extra Step

83 year old Rita had called in asking for assistance because her grocery shopper wasn't going to stop by anymore until the driveway was cleaned up. Rita use's a walker & probably hasn't driven herself in several years but it just goes to show the dif...

NeighborLink Seeking Design Intern

12.30.14 - Update - Position has been filled. We had a phenomenal response and are excited to have our first design intern get started! NeighborLink is seeking a graphic design intern to join our team to help us execute our mission in creative ways. ...

New Projects

Project #7208

Louis would like to have new linoleum put down in her kitchen. She can pay for the materials but would just like for someone to help her out with the installation. Thanks for considering.

Project #7207

Would like some help moving box's & a few pcs of furniture from their new home into a storage unit. They don't have a large amount but just can't do it themselves. They have a truck rented for this Sunday afternoon 3/8 & are just asking for volunteer...

Project #7206

Grace would like help getting e few rooms painted inside her home (kitchen,living room,dining room). She has all the materials just can't due it herself. She would greatly appreciate any help you could provide.