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2018 Completed Projects Goal Achieved!!
Volunteers surpassed our 1,250 completed project goal! Thank you for your partnership. 
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Project #15630: Moving tomorrow - 11/29!!
Neighbor is in need of assistance with moving from her apartment to her new apartment that is own the street. Neighbor states she has boxes that her items are in. Neighbor states that she is in need of assisting with moving her items and heavy liftin...
Project #15276: Refrigerator Replacement
Esther is in need of a new refrigerator after her current one quite working. Her food has already started to spoil so it is important for her to replace it and have a means of storing food as soon as possible.
Project #14884: Laundering/cleaning clothing and linens for mold remediation
After a successful career in nonprofit resource development was cut short due to disabling chronic illnesses, I was recently further diagnosed by Parkview Internal Medicine with a genetic disorder (two mutated haplotypes of the HLA-DR gene) which mea...
Project #15708: Leaf Raking
This homeowner missed leaf pickup and is looking for volunteers to bag the leaves. If possible any help would be gladly welcomed.
Project #15707: Shower Enlargement
Homeowner called asking for help with a bigger bathroom in the home. the homeowner is in need of a larger bathtub for her mother to be granted permission to come home from the hospital. The State deemed the tub unsafe for her and will not allow furth...

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