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NeighborLink Partners with the City of Fort Wayne

We've been fortunate to receive a $120,000 grant that allows us to empower our volunteers to help more neighbors in need with large scale or complicated projects that require the skills of a contractor. As houses deteriorate and age, individuals on f...

Missional Coffee Gatherings with NeighborLink

As NeighborLink enters its 13th year serving as a connector between local churches and vulnerable homeowners in need, we want to reflect and re-consider what it looks like to identify, help, and lead the body into the margins of our community to prov...

New Committees at NeighborLink

If NeighborLink is going to continue running well and growing, we need even more help from great people that have a heart for our model of ministry and neighborhood development. NeighborLink has a long history of having an Advisory Group made up of i...

NeighborLink Searching for Contractors to Hire To Skilled Projects

NeighborLink was awarded a $120,000 grant from the City of Fort Wayne Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services in recent months that is designed to help us tackle larger, more skilled projects such as HVAC, roofing, and many other difficult projec...

2016 Winter Training Series

We're brining back the Winter Training Series this year and it all starts this Saturday morning. The Winter Training Series is designed to answer the questions you have and create conversations around the most important topics you'll face as a volunt...

New Projects

Project #8863: Help with New Windows for our Home

We are looking for assistance with new windows for our 1930 year old home on N. Anthony and willing to work out monthly payments, but we are on a very tight budget with our boys at Concordia H.S. on the voucher program. We love our home and just loo...

Project #8862

Water from the shower/bathtub is running down through the basement and leaking on the basement floor. The tub and stuff is cracked and the house is old so it's hard to stop the leak. Needs help with the leak and stopping the issue.

Project #8861

Needs help with the gutters on the home. The gutters on the back came down this fall and the ones on the front need fixed and cleaned.