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Neighbor: Rita
▶ Play Video Rita found herself to be an early victim of COVID. Learn More About Her Story. 
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Project #21115: Sealant needed on a roof
This neighbor is looking for help with her one story roof. The back of her flat roof is leaking. She believes that it just needs a layer of sealant. Thanks for any help!
Project #20956: Help moving a sofa
08/31- This is still a need. This neighbor needs help moving her sofa out to the dumpster down stairs. Her apartment is on the second floor and she cannot move it alone. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
Project #20921
Senior seeking help with clean up in her home. After having to put her small dog to sleep over the weekend Therese is asking for help with getting several potty pads picked up. They are causing a trip hazard for her & she's having trouble bending ove...
Project #20919
Libby and her husband need help trimming up the shrubs in their back yard please.
Project #20917
Has a large tree in front yard that has fallen down & needs help getting it cut up & hauled away. In addition it has taken out a couple fence panels that need replaced if you are able. This is a NHC violation so timing is important. Homeowner is cur...
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