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Project #19045: New Garage Door Opener
Widow neighbor called asking for help installing a new garage door opener. She can pay for the material, but needs help with labor. Any help is appreciated.
Project #19044: door needs changed out
Widowed, senior citizen needs the door from her garage into her home switched out and new door hung please. She has the new door and is willing to help in any way she can. Her home was broken in to and the current door is very drafty now. She was in ...
Project #19042: Heating Issues
Kathy says that her heat is not staying on during the night, she believes their may be something stuck in the duct, but cannot afford a repair person to come check.
Project #19041: Plumbing
Need pipes in the wall replaced in the laundry room. Also need valve stems replaced in the laundry room where the water valves connect from house to washer. Box included.
Project #19040: Install blinds in windows
Install blinds in windows.

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