Love your neighbor.
Small things change neighborhoods.
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Fund This Project - Kathleen & Sweetie 
With so many expressions of God's love, the full amount needed for this project was raised in just 17 hours!
2018 Completed Projects Goal Achieved!!
Volunteers surpassed our 1,250 completed project goal! Thank you for your partnership. 
NeighborLink & YMCA Partnership
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Bike, run, swim for your neighbor.
Neighboring Podcast
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Project #15869: Thermostat Installation
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting a new thermostat installed in her home. Her furnace has been going in and out for about 2 weeks, and she purchased a new thermostat in the hope that it will fix the problem. Any assistance is appreciated...
Project #15773: Well Pump
Neighbor's well pump went out, and now she has no water to her home. Neighbor does not have the financial ability to buy a new well pump, and she was recently widowed on December 10, 2018. She is going to a friend's home to fill up water jugs for a ...
Project #15853
Owns a 2007 Chevy Impala that has a failing throttle body. Greg is asking for help with getting this replaced before it goes out altogether & leaves him stranded somewhere. Please help if you are able!
Project #15753
Asking for help with getting their two bedroom apartment painted. They used to be smokers but have quit so they would really like to freshen up the place & would really appreciate your help!
Project #15750: A little Peace of Mind
My dog recently fell ill due to ingesting some human anti inflammatory drugs. I rushed him to the the ER only to be turned away because the bill was too costly so I paid for what I could without a guarantee that it would help against Kidney failure. ...

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