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Here's What's Been Happening with Mission Serve This Week

There's been a lot of buzz as 150 volunteers from 6 states have been here with Mission Serve. Our Director of Mobilization, Jeff Shatto, coordinated at least 15 NeighborLink projects for them to do. Youth groups from around the midwest joined with Fa...

Spending a Day with Jeff Shatto, Director of Mobilization

It was a long day. We went to maybe 6 work sites and visited most of them twice, a few 3 times. From 9:30 am - 4:30 pm it was nonstop. He was working before that and had more to do afterward. We were on the south side of town and the north side of to...

The Alveys, Neighbors

Steve & Rita Alvey both have medical conditions and were in need of a wheelchair ramp. Funds raised at this year's 3 Rivers EGGfest hosted by Connolly's Do It Best went to NeighborLink and covered the cost of the Alvey's ramp.

Chris Minick, Neighbor

Chris Minick lost a limb in 2014 after medical complications. NeighborLink volunteers were able to build a ramp within a few weeks of his arrival back at home, and have continued to help him keep his home safe and wheelchair accessible. Chris is one ...

JP & Grub 'n Go

JP was born with deformities to his body due to the chemotherapy his mother underwent for lukemia. She was unaware she was pregnant with him during the treatment. His grandmother died this past February, and he is now working to fix her home and take...

Featured Projects

Project #9668: Housing Accessibility

Mable is disabled and needs someone to look at her house and see if there is a way to make it more accessible. She is not entirely sure what would help in her situation, but would like someone to give her some ideas and possibly take the project a st...

Project #9678: transporting furniture

we are in need of a large truck and driver to accompany us to a location and help transport furniture from one location to the above address.

Project #9680

Has a home left to her from her deceased husband & is asking for help getting the property cleaned up. A privacy fenced needs taken down & removed. Also the lawn needs a lot of attention. Thanks for considering.

Project #9597: Emergency Gas Line Repair

This homeowner is disabled and lives alone. Her gas was temporarily shut off by NIPSCO due to a 25% leak somewhere in the line leading to her dryer in the basement. She has paperwork from them describing exactly what's needed. It doesn't sound lik...

Project #9958: Needs someone to donate/provide paint

Charles owns a house that he rented out in an emergency situation so that he could raise money to pay child support. The tenants started a fire in the house, and now he has damages that need to be taken care of. He can do the work himself, he just do...