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Her home turned out fantastic. Thank you to the 100s involved. Watch The Video
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Project #17494: Air Conditioner Repair
Update 7/17: This air conditioning request is still very much still a need for the neighbor. Her A/C is not working properly, and she is very concerned with all of the hot weather we've had. She is a disabled, senior, so any assistance is apprecia...
Project #16757: moving help
Update 5/28: She is living in her new home but still needs all of her belongings moved. She has a truck available today and/or Sat and would greatly appreciate help getting her belongings moved. Thank you for considering. Neighbor is in need of mov...
Project #17713: bush needs trimmed
Neighbor has a large bush in her backyard that she would like trimmed please.
Project #17712: A/C windows unit needed
Mother called on daughters behalf requesting a small window A/C unit for her double wide trailer. The one she has stopped working. She would greatly appreciate help during these very hot summer days. Thank you!
Project #17711: in need of bed, chair or recliner ASAP
Neighbors son got in to a motorcycle accident last weekend and is coming home from the hospital today after having back surgery. He will be staying with her but she is in need of some type of bed, hospital bed, chair or recliner for him to easily get...

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