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Project #18768: Moving project
Charles and Daniel are moving to a new apartment and we need to move furniture and belongings. Need Millie for transport.
Project #18766: Pressure wash deck and siding
Pressure wash deck and siding. Ref call to SVdP and follow-up projects including ramp. This is one of those follow-up projects.
Project #18763: plumbing
Neighbor has a volunteer from NL come out awhile back to help with a pipe between her washing machine and sink. She thinks maybe he snaked it and it started working. It is backing up again though and she would like if someone could look at it again, ...
Project #18762: toilet handle needs adjusted
Neighbor states that her toilet handle needs adjusted. She has to wiggle it each time she flushes the toilet and her water bill has also doubled this month. She thinks maybe this has something to do with the doubling of the water bill.
Project #18761: Jorgensen YMCA
Help with taking down Fantasy of Lights display on January 4th from 1p-3pm.

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