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4th Annual Be A Good Neighbor Week
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New Projects
Project #20421: Repair front door
Lock was replaced on front door, but needs additional piece installed.
Project #20420: Shower valve leaking
Rolland's shower valve is leaking and he would like it replaced.
Project #20419: Mowing Help
Senior citizen would like her yard mowed this growing season please. She has a lawnmower but is too weak due to cancer to even get it started on her own. Please give her a call beforehand if willing. She has a dog that she wants to make sure she is i...
Project #20418: Mowing Help
87 year old neighbor needs help mowing his lawn, his former helper cannot continue to do it. Any help would be appreciated!
Project #20416: Connecting VCR to TV
Senior neighbor has all the equipment, she just doesn't know how to set up the equipment. Any help would be appreciated!
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