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Project #6898: 2 story house- roofing
This is still a need 7/31/2020: Senior citizen living on a fixed income has been living in her home for over 26 years and needs a new roof. She lost her homeowner's insurance 6 years ago due to the age of her roof. Please consider helping!
Project #10258: Siding
Single disabled senior needs help with fixing her siding above her porch. The whole home needs redone, it is a two story home. There are pieces missing from existing siding. She is low income and does not have money to help fix it up.
Project #10893
Update 4/10; has an exhaust fan that can be installed to help with the moisture problem also. Candice has been disabled for 16 years & is asking for some help with maintenance in her home. She said there are several items that need done but the main...
Project #12889: Oven Broken/Replacement?
Single mom has not had a working oven for 10 years. It is a wall unit. She has another unit that broke shortly after she bought it. Any help would be appreciated!
Project #13286: Garage door will not raise
5/28/20: Renewing this request as this is still a need. Update 5/8: Reposting as neighbor called in stating this is still a need. Thank you. During an initial visit for project 13217, Bernice informed me her that she can no longer raise her garage ...
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