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An Interview With John Barce
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Project #15233
Seeking volunteers to help out at their Fall Fest this Saturday, Oct 13th, from 10am-4pm. Volunteers are needed directing traffic, helping at the various craft booths, making kettle corn, etc. If you can come out & volunteer for a few hours or the ...
Project #15079: Handrail and Step Repair
See photos; Handrail along upper patio edge and along stairs was removed some years ago. As result, new homeowner is currently paying ~ 3X normal for liability insurance. Company requiring this area be secured or will not renew.
Project #15085: Tree Branch Removal
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting some tree branches removed from his backyard. Neighbor is a disabled senior, so any assistance is appreciated.
Project #15086: AC Repair
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting his air conditioner repaired as it hasn't been blowing cool air for a while. Neighbor is disabled, so any assistance is appreciated.
Project #14788: Moving Assistance Needed
Neighbor in need of getting his belongings boxed up and moved to his new home (which is across the street) as soon as possible. Neighbor is in need of moving boxes and supplies for packing and is moving out of a two bedroom home. Neighbor is a disa...

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