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Project #23374
Senior seeking help getting quite a few box's & other misc stuff moved from her apartment into a storage unit by State/Clinton St area. Looking to get this done asap please.
Project #8515: Paint Dormers
6/22/21: Renewing request as neighbor has been trying to get help getting her dormers painted for over 5 years now. She lives in a 2 story home. Senior in need of someone with a tall ladder to paint the dormers of her home. This is a code enforce...
Project #10893
6/9/21- Reposting this project as it is still a need for her. There is a lot of paint peeling due to the moisture. She is hoping that someone could install the exhaust fan that she has already purchased. Candice has been disabled for 16 years & i...
Project #12387: Roof Repair
8/2/21- This is still a need! Senior in need of help of roof repair. She not sure if it is near the chimney area. Leaking water when it rains. On a fixed income, not able to contribute. Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
Project #13539: Floor
6/23/21- This is still a need! Living room floor has a hole in it. The hole is not too large yet but is soft and spongey around the edges. The hole is close to the outside wall under a window. Might be able to help with material depending on cost.
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