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Project #25918: Fence Taken Down
03/31/22 - This single mom has a wooden fence that's falling over, and she's now in code violation. She is looking for help either getting it repaired or help figuring out how much it would cost to replace it. Thanks! *Update 05/17/22 - This is still...
Project #25882: Gas Stove Leaking
3/29/22 - This neighbor's gas stove is leaking somewhere, so she is seeking help getting it fixed or replaced. Thanks! *Update 04/28/22 - This is still a need!
Project #25763: Help Pumping Water Out of Basement
03/15/22 - This senior's basement is flooded and he needs help pumping the water out. It has about 4-5 inches of standing water in it right now. Any help is appreciated!
Project #24186: Rain Leaking Into Bathroom
9/21/21 - This homeowner needs help repairing her deck on her second floor. The base of the deck is buckling, and some of the railings need to be replaced. Any help would be appreciated. Please text or leave a voicemail first. *Update 04/26/22 - This...
Project #14520: Roof Replacement -2 story
07/25/18 - Requesting help with replacing the roof on his two story home. Current roof is leaking & shingles are missing. Also needs gutters replaced & much of the facia boards are rotted out. *Update 04/27/22 - This is still a need!
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