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New Projects
Project #21854: Help with food delivery
This neighbor is looking for help with some food. He is hoping that someone can donate and drop off the essentials for him. Thanks for the consideration!
Project #21860: Help moving things around the home
This family is looking for help moving a hospital bed into their home. It is really heavy and they cannot move it alone. The husband hurt his back and the bed is for him to use to recover. Additionally they need help moving a fridge out of the dining...
Project #21845: Help with her sink
This senior neighbor's sink will not drain and the garage disposal doesn't work. She has to do all of her dishes in the bathtub. Thank you for considering!
Project #21822: Help repairing her toilet
This neighbor needs help repairing her toilet kit. She already has the kit but is visually impaired and cannot install it herself. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Project #13205
Update 12/8/20: Reposted as this is still a need for Dina. Update 3/2/18: Apparently the leak in the roof is still there so Dina needs help getting that patched up as well as help with repairing the damage on her kitchen ceiling. Please consideri...
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