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St Vincent DePaul Society - Year End Impact

NeighborLink has been fortunate to have the Carpenter's Sons, which is a part of the St Vincent De Paul Society at St Vincent parish here in Fort Wayne take on projects for the past couple of years. It's a committed group of men that have been gettin...

100 Completed Projects in a Month!

It's been a busy 30 days at NeighborLink Fort Wayne as we've had volunteers out doing all kinds of projects to help their neighbors in need. Volunteers have selected, organized, and completed 100 projects in the past 30 days, which puts our grand tot...


What happens when we see somebody in need and we keep walking? This poem was written in reflection of that question. In thinking about how to love neighbors well, the question began to rise, "What keeps us from loving others?" Let's find out what kin...

Leaf Raking Season Is Here!

Leaf raking season is among us and like every year, we'll have dozens of homeowners that simply cannot rake their leaves on their own do to age or physical limitations, and who will need your help. So, as you think about your evenings or weekends thi...

The Sacrifice of Giving

As my time at NeighborLink begins to wind down, I can't help but reflect on a particular shift in my mentality that I am trying to grasp, trying to choose more to live out. I keep being reminded of the story of the elderly woman in the Bible who put ...

Featured Projects

Project #10458

Bought a small pedestal sink for her bathroom but wasn't able to get it installed. She would appreciate help getting it all hooked up properly.

Project #10464

Asking for help getting a couple grab bars installed in her bathroom please.

Project #10465

Two corners of her siding seem to be separating & need to be pulled back together. Gail would really appreciated help getting her siding buttoned back up. Thanks for considering.

Project #10469: Clean gutters on one story home

Stella is a senior citizen whose family no longer wants her to climb the ladder to clean out her gutters. Please call her if you can help!

Project #10408

The homeowner tripped and fell into one of her home windows, breaking it. She's in urgent need of repair or replacement help, since the weather is starting to get cold for the season. Consider helping a deserving individual!