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We've taken the past 10 years of user experiences and re-built the platform to be an effective tool to help you find meaningful service opportunities in and around your neighborhood. The site has a beautiful new look, improved project navigation, a refined volunteer signup process, and custom built software behind the scenes to make everything work effortlessly.

We've tested the website thoroughly, but you may find a bug or two (or have some questions on how NeighborLink works if you're new to the website). If that happens during your visit, would you take time to click on that little black Support bar at the bottom of the screen and let us know? Alternative, send us a message directly!

Throughout your first visit on the website, you'll experience additional popup boxes explaining some of the new features. This is the first of several phases of our new website that will launch in 2014. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

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Latest News

Not Your Usual Birthday

This is our friend, Molly. Molly approached us about a month ago with a desire to incorporate NeighborLink into her Birthday Celebration, which is a pretty big deal for Molly. Molly shared with us that she comes from a family where birthdays are cele More...

Project Recap: St Francis Students Paint Garage

Post by Holly Durkee This past weekend was perhaps one of the best weekends of my life?and that is not an exaggeration. In order to fully explain why, I need to first give a little background information, so bear with me. Last April, I began my journ More...

Project 200 in 2014 Just Completed!

We're excited to announce that the 200th project in 2014 has been completed. Considering we did only 367 last year, we're on a roll for this year. As always, we appreciate seeing the numbers increase, but it's not the whole story and it's not the sto More...

New Projects

Project #5913

Doris has some leaves in black plastic bags but the trash man won't take them. Could you help by putting them into recyclable bags or taking them to the city's compost site on Lake Ave. Thanks!

Project #5912

Catherine would like help getting her grass cut throughout the growing season this year. Would you please consider taking on this summer time project.

Project #5911

Diane needs some help getting her leaves bagged up so that the city will pick them up. Would you please consider helping her out.