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Project #15276: Refrigerator Replacement
Esther is in need of a new refrigerator after her current one quite working. Her food has already started to spoil so it is important for her to replace it and have a means of storing food as soon as possible.
Project #15137: Furnace Repair Request
Neighbor called through StVdP partner agency requesting help with her furnace. It will not keep running to heat the home. Any help is very much appreciated.
Project #14884: Laundering/cleaning clothing and linens for mold remediation
After a successful career in nonprofit resource development was cut short due to disabling chronic illnesses, I was recently further diagnosed by Parkview Internal Medicine with a genetic disorder (two mutated haplotypes of the HLA-DR gene) which mea...
Project #15069: Closet Shelving
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting some organizational closet shelving built in her apartment. Neighbor is disabled, so any assistance is appreciated.
Project #15066: Lawn Mowing
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting her standard sized lawn mowed. She has a mower at her home that volunteers can use. Any assistance is appreciated.

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