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Project #24569: Change Batteries in Smoke Detector
This senior needs help changing the batteries in her smoke detector. She is physically unable to get to it. Thanks
Project #23896: Emergency Tree Limb Removal
This neighbor is looking for help removing a tree limb that is hanging. It is about to crash into her home and cause a lot of damage. Any help is greatly appreciated! *Update 10/25/21
Project #24186: Rain Leaking Into Bathroom
10/22/21 - This is still a need! This homeowner is in need of some help fixing a leak in her bathroom. It is coming in from the balcony and it happens whenever it rains. Also the gutters seem to be backed up and have trees growing in them. Any hel...
Project #24420: Moving Furniture into the Alley
10/20/2021 - This is still a need! Laura needs help moving an old couch, rocker, and entertainment stand from her front yard to the back alley so that it can be picked up. Any help is appreciated!
Project #24491: Exterior Window Washing
Norma is looking for help getting the exterior of her windows cleaned on her 1 story home. She would like to get this done before winter. Thanks!
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