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Project #16183: moving help needed
Disabled, widow needs assistance moving her belongings from storage unit to her new apt. She lost her home last August and now has an apt. to move in to. She would REALLY like to get her stuff out of storage and in to her apt. before her next storage...
Project #16167: moving assistance to storage
Update 2/18: She needs everything out of her home by Friday 2/22 as her home will be condemned. She has no other resources and would greatly appreciate the help. Single mother that has a history of multiple brain surgeries and strokes has been ...
Project #16093: Needs help with leak in pipe
Homeowner has a leak in her pipe and currently does not have any running water until she can get the leak fixed. She is trying to fix it herself but needs some guidance. She would love some help ASAP. Thank you for considering!
Project #16059: water not running due to frozen pipes
Disabled, senior citizen in urgent need of help with frozen pipes. She has no running water and uses a walker so is unable to get to the pipes. She needs to get to the pipes before they burst. She would be so appreciative of your help!! Thank you!
Project #15869: Thermostat Installation
Neighbor called in requesting help in getting a new thermostat installed in her home. Her furnace has been going in and out for about 2 weeks, and she purchased a new thermostat in the hope that it will fix the problem. Any assistance is appreciated...

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