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Project #12277
CeCie is moving from her one bedroom apartment to a new apartment down in Decatur. She has very few items (bed, 2 chairs, 3 tables & a few boxes) but no one to help. Would you please consider helping her out. She'd like to move in the next couple of ...
Project #12010
Couple needs to have help moving, Husband has copd, unable to move all of the furniture by himself. Caller can help with some of the work.,They have a deadline of August 31st. Please consider helping if you can. Thank yo!
Project #11726
Senior couple who takes care of their disabled daughter in desperate need of help moving items into storage unit. Please note that some items have already been moved into unit but need to be organized better & some items still need to be moved. Unit ...
Project #11923
Valerie & her mother have already moved most everything to their new home/apartment but now need help getting the last few items. Washer & dryer, couple of beds, etc. If you could help with this they would be very grateful. 9/13/17 left voicemail...
Project #11820: 2-1-1 Specialist
Alice thanked 2-1-1 for answering the phone, she stated she needs help. She said this past Saturday she was trimming some weeds at her property line and a limb of her neighbor's tree fell on her and almost killed her. She said she managed to get un...

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