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Project #12634
Asking for help with getting his moped hauled down to a repair shop on Sherman St. Would like this done asap please.
Project #11477
Client called in looking for assistance with getting holes in his walls repaired. client lives on a fixed income. and can't afford to pay for the repairs. Thank you so much
Project #12416: Help Taking Down Sun Shade
Homeowner could use help taking down her summer sun shade. She calls it a gazebo, but its is just a cloth top that needs taken off before winter comes.
Project #12434: Kitchen Flooring
Current kitchen has wood floors that are worn down. There are areas causing her to trip.
Project #12471: No Window Trim
Marlene and her husband are elderly and need help. Need help replacing 2 broken windows and trim around all windows in their home. The trim is a priority as winter is coming.

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