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Team NL Cyclocross Trying to Raise $6000+

Several years ago we began brainstorming ways NeighborLink could incorporate athletics to raise money that feeds back into NL projects. From that, Team NeighborLink was born. Over the years it has continued to grow. We now have athletic gear for adul...

NeighborLink Collaborates with Bravas

When one of your favorite restaurants and people come to you and suggest a collaboration should happen between the two of you, you always say, yes. Owner of Bravas Food, Bo Gonzales, has been a huge supporter of NL for the past couple of years and wa...

When You Can't Help Everyone

A woman recently came into the office. With a hint of desperation in her voice, she explained the issues in her home, the flooding that was happening. She couldn't fix it alone, and she needed our help. We explained that it was up to volunteers, and ...

Summer Recap and Looking Forward

Summer Recap This summer was busy. Between May-August over 330 projects were completed. From mowing lawns to painting houses; pulling weeds to replacing roofs; building wheelchair ramps to fixing windows - plus much more - we were able to help many n...

Behind Our "Get Out of Your House" Video

As the summer started coming to an end, we began brainstorming a video idea that would capture the heart of NeighborLink in a unique narrative story. We started looking at what our goal was as an organization, and what the barrier was. As we viewed t...

Featured Projects

Project #10200

Ms Eddie is asking for help getting a few piece's of furniture out of storage & into her new small apartment. Say's it's just a kitchenette & bedroom set. Eddie Mae is currently sleeping on the floor & would really appreciate the help getting her fur...

Project #10198

Has a normal size city lot & has been sited by NHCE to get her yard mowed before she gets a fine. This needs done asap please. Would you please consider helping Mabel out.

Project #10176: Kitchen Light Repair

My kitchen light stopped working despite replacing the bulbs. I can purchase a new light to be installed if the current one is unable to be repaired.

Project #10071

Hedge row needs trimmed up in her back yard please.

Project #10047: Packing, Organizing for Upcoming Move

Paula Jo has lived in a home owned by her parents for the past 15 years. In recent years, her ability to pay rent has been inconsistent, her child has moved away to college, and her parents have asked her to move. She is working with a local case man...