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Project #16757: moving help
Update 5/28: She is living in her new home but still needs all of her belongings moved. She has a truck available today and/or Sat and would greatly appreciate help getting her belongings moved. Thank you for considering. Neighbor is in need of mov...
Project #16679
Has a mature spruce tree on SW corner of her house that needs removed & hauled away. This is an insurance concerns, your help would be greatly appreciated.
Project #16681
Has a window that needs some repair work done to it (re-glazing). The glass needs taken out, frame cleaned up, glass put back in & new points used to hold in place then re-glazed. Thanks for considering this repair.
Project #17452: Wheelchair Ramp
This is for Blue Jacket Clothing Store on Coldwater Road. We have an associate who is in a wheelchair and we need to build him a short ramp to make it up to the register area. The floor height is 6.5" and the width of the opening is 38" wide. Ther...
Project #17451: mowing
Neighbor is requesting help with getting her yard mowed/trimmed up. Her lot is approximately 1 1/2 acres. Thanks for considering this request

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