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Update on NeighborLink's Search for a New Building

NeighborLink operated out of coffee shops and homes for a majority of its existence as a one-person staff for nearly 10 years. About 3 years ago we started renting office space from our partners at Blue Jacket Inc. A year later, we hired our Director...

What I Learned While Volunteering

Yesterday I (Nicole) had the opportunity to help build a wheelchair ramp with a group of our NeighborLink volunteers. As the Team NeighborLink Coordinator, the entirety of my summer has been almost exclusively devoted to tasks like The Great 80, Nigh...

Jake & Mallory Shinneman, Team NeighborLink

Jake & Mallory Shinneman partner with NeighborLink through athletics and service. Mallory is head coach at Mad Apple CrossFit and began a partnership with NeighborLink 5 years ago. The couple uses fitness to connect with their community, and through ...

Update on $100,00 Grant

We've been quiet for the past several months on the $100,000 community development block grant we recieved from the city, but we want to update you and keep you in the loop as we continue to walk through this process. This grant has been a growing pr...

Gay Penland, Volunteer

Gay Penland has been volunteering faithfully with NeighborLink for 3 years. After our Director of Mobilization snow blowed her driveway several winters ago, she only felt it right to give back once. That moment turned into a journey that continues to...

Featured Projects

Project #10110: mowing and trim

Karen needs her lawn mowed soon. The neighbors were helping her but now are not.

Project #9059: HEY COACHES! Check this project out & connect with Pam at NeighborLink!

Furnace isn't working & needs to be replaced. Has a quote of $2200 for a new one but can't afford. Thanks for considering.

Project #9754

Update 8/12/16: needs to be out of her home by this weekend & is desperately seeking assistance. Thank you for considering to help! Is moving on July 2nd & would very much appreciate your help. Senior mother & daughter are moving into a mobile hom...

Project #10006: Moving Services

Vanessa is in need of some NeighborLink volunteers to help her move. She is not entirely sure when she is moving, it just depends on when she can find help. She is on a fixed income and could really use some help. Thank you for considering.

Project #10007: Washer needs hooked up

Mary has a washer that needs to be hooked up. However, the pipe it needs hooked up to is leaking. She can contribute $20 towards a new pipe, and is hoping that someone could cover the rest of the cost for her and do the labor. Please help if you can....