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Project #19465: roofing (2 story)
Neighbor thinks her roof on her 2 story home needs replaced. She can see some parts lifting up.
Project #19464: electrical
Neighbors electricity goes off anytime she uses it, opens the fridge, etc. The only way she can get it to come back on is by turning on the oven. This has been going on for about a week now. She had Indiana Michigan power check it out last week. They...
Project #19463: Haircut Needed
Al would like someone come to his house to give him a haircut.
Project #19462: Plug-in replace
I have some new plug-ins already purchased. I can buy more or different ones if needed. In one bedroom some of the plug ins do not work. I am concerned this might be a fire hazard, but I am not sure. The rest of the house, they all work, they ar...
Project #19461: need weekly yard work done
I need someone to cut the grass on a regular basis and basic yard clean up. I would also need this person to scoop poop. I have 2 retired Guide Dogs (Labs) who love to make new friends. I also have my own Lawn Mower and a leaf blower. I don't ha...
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