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Project #18856: raking
Neighbor is needing her leaves raked please.
Project #18855: Sewage drain issues
Last year I had taken all my savings and purchased a home that had some work tha needed to be done optimistic that I could do what I had once done. Well unfortunately I had offered rooms to rent and had a lot of people that didn't pay or respect my h...
Project #18854: needs hep installing water heater
Neighbor is needing to get a new water heater. She can pay for a new one but does not have the means to get it picked up, installed and the old one hauled away. She would appreciate help getting one picked up, installed and the old one hauled away pl...
Project #18853: Plumbing help needed
My plumbing seems to be backing up into my basement.
Project #18850
FRont picture window is broken & doesn't have the funds to repair it properly. Would appreciate any help you could offer.

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