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Project #19203: Home project
Repair under piń trailer Fix roof Paint Fix steps Work on door and windows Clean gutters
Project #19202: Shower Leak
When upstairs shower is used, water leaks through the kitchen ceiling.
Project #19201: Dryer Repair
At recent visit by Carpenter's Sons, neighbor asked if we could help look at her dryer that was frequently snagging and tearing clothing. Appears that drum to door seal is work or damaged. Any help would be appreciated. It is a GE dryer.
Project #19200: Surface Water Drain
Neighbor has issues with water collecting by a door and overflowing the threshold and into the basement. Neighbor is requesting a drain and tile be installed to divert water away from the door.
Project #19199: interior prime and paint
Through the city program, neighbors home with weatherized/insulated and she payed to have it primed and painted after but it never got done. She needs her 3 bedroom ranch primed and painted please. They stated that it would take 2 coats of primer and...

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