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Project #22878: Help cleaning out her home
This neighbor is looking for help cleaning and organizing her home. She has a couple of rooms that need to be organized and changed around. She is hoping to complete the project on May 2. Thanks!
Project #1395
4/12/21- Reposting as this is still a need. Front porch needs to be lifted up and repaired on the northwest corner and banisters need to be replace, inside ceiling of porch needs to be repaired. Back porch needs to be replaced 6' x 6' area. We live...
Project #10893
4/19/21- Reposting this project as it is still a need for her. There is a lot of paint peeling due to the moisture. She is hoping that someone could install the exhaust fan that she has already purchased. Candice has been disabled for 16 years & ...
Project #11843
Her upstairs bathroom has a plumbing problem that has caused water to leak downtowns & damage the ceiling below. Needs help fixing her leak & also repairing the ceiling.
Project #13205
Update 4/5/21: Reposted as this is still a need for Dina. Apparently the leak in the roof is still there so Dina needs help getting that patched up as well as help with repairing the damage on her kitchen ceiling. Please considering helping! Had ...
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